Technology and Art skills = Graphic Designer. Throw in a little knack for writing and that would give you “Jaqui“.

A Bachelor of Arts (Multimedia Arts) graduate with a passion for writing and arts: possessing a keen eye for detail, a bevy of skills, and English proficiency.

Jaqui’s skills are not limited to design and writing. She also has background knowledge on WordPress administration. She knows how to publish content, update plugins, and do basic HTML changes. However, she is not a coder.

Jaqui can help you with creating relevant article content, composing short sentences for social media posts, and scheduling posts for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and throwing in more life to your blog posts by combining her design and writing skills.

Design, write, schedule, publish — she can do every step with ease.

She works to deadlines and deliver results.


Jaqui Magadia graduated elementary and high school from St. Bridget College Batangas. Her interest for the arts started when she discovered anime during childhood. She started learning how to draw when she was in her 6th grade in elementary, taught by her brother.

Since the internet, she has watched and taken lessons online. She has attended summer workshops during her high school years as well.

Aside from drawing, singing takes a special spot in her life. Due to her shy demeanor, she has never liked being put under the spotlight. She prefers to work behind the curtain. During her High School years, she became a member of the Artist Circle Club whereas she was chosen to be one of the executive officers – starting off as a 1st year level representative until she finally became the president in her last year. She was also an active member of the school’s theater group known as the Performing Arts Office (PAO) as a stage crew. Because of this, she was able to gain two awards when she graduated – Most Active Participation in Cultural Affairs and Artist of the Year Award.


On her fourth (4th) year of college, she was appointed as the Executive Secretary of iMEDIA (Interactive Artists of Multimedia Design) – a department organization exclusive for Multimedia Art majors. She was considered as the president’s second-in-command. Her duties include compiling, creating, and submitting reports (status, narrative, etc.), taking the minutes of the meetings, and pose as the president’s proxy on certain occasions.

She also finished her 300-hour on-the-job training as a graphic designer at OnlinePhilippines.com Inc.

Her contract with Usource as a Social Media specialist (designer and writer) and occasional WordPress admin ended last August 19, 2016.

She is now working as a freelance designer and social media admin.