Temple Hopping in Cambodia

It has sure been a while since I last traveled out of the country.

The trip was booked since last year August. Thank God for good airfare promos! Cebu Pacific Airlines offered a very, very affordable round trip tickets going to Cambodia. My brother’s girlfriend originally booked it for them, but my godmother insisted that my sister and I join them. We were scheduled to fly this January as a birthday gift from our mom.

This is the first time I encountered a night flight, so when we arrived at Cambodia, I wasn’t able to clearly see much. But despite the dark, the beautiful structure of the airport can not be denied. It wasn’t like any other airport I’ve ever been to (although I haven’t been to that many countries, but still). I wasn’t able to take a photo of the place but damn, it was awesome. The next thing I noticed was the inside. It was clean and very quiet. The only people who populated the area were foreigners. The interior was again, quite noticeable. People weren’t allowed to take photos of the inside.

Once we were done with the immigration process, we were fetched by a very nice man named Mr. Matel. He was associated with the villa that we were going to stay in. We rode the “Tuktuk” – a tricycle kind of vehicle where in people can sit face to face with each other. It was extraordinary! We felt a nice breeze and we can see the surroundings very clearly. The roads weren’t too busy, and the hotels were built next to each other. I cannot emphasize it enough that their culture is clearly evident in everywhere you look.

The villa, however, isn’t in a very public area, but we liked it. We felt the intimate surrounding, the night was peaceful – a hidden gem! We were welcomed by the owner of the villa. He was very nice as well, always wearing a smile. He volunteered to personally attend to our needs so we decided to take a quick look around the place before we went to dinner. The place felt so cozy and quiet. One could not easily judge what the inside was like when you look from the outside (they had a big wall and a small entrance). Their website had pictures and we did not expect that the actual place would be more beautiful. Perfect for a family on a vacation. Quite the inclusions, as well – has the perfect itinerary set up for visitors, free breakfast, free access to their pool, free ride! I would personally recommend the place to anyone!


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Now, moving on to the tour…

The tour included trips to different temple ruins…actually, that was what we mostly did the whole time we were there – temple hopping. There were so many, I just couldn’t one I liked best! Down below, you will see some of the places we visited.

Temple Hopping Day 2

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Other things we did were strolling around the night market. Another thing I cannot emphasize enough was how cheap most of the goods are. We can even do bargains/ask for a discount! We were able to buy 3 shirts for $15, bags for as low as $10… One time my brother asked how much the shirt he was holding was and asked for a discount. Instead of giving us a price, the saleslady asked us how much we can give. My brother, being the trickster that he is, said, “I’ll give you…$1.” to which the lady was bewildered but laughed at the ridiculous attempt to bargain. If you’ll look around, you won’t see branded items or shopping malls. But we didn’t feel bad about it. It’s like we were helping them whenever we bought an item.

Anyway, another thing to mention is the food. Our breakfast set consist of a pretty healthy meal. From bread, rice, to fruits for dessert. I’m a person who doesn’t eat breakfast but it’s quite hard (not to mention, rude) to reject what was offered to us by the villa. For lunch, we usually went out after our temple tour. Mr. Matel took us to well-recommended places and I gotta say, he’s a man of great taste! We do not regret anything when it comes to choosing a place to eat, or food to order. Everything was delicious! The food was a bit more pricey than most goods but they were worth it. I didn’t take pictures of the food though as I was always excited to eat them.

The last thing we would definitely never forget was the massage. It was heaven! For a person who has not done a full body massage before, I can say that I totally enjoyed it! If I were given the chance, I’d go back there and do one more. You know that feeling when you want to stretch but you feel that it’s not satisfying enough? Well, they did that to me and I didn’t even wince nor felt pain. I was enjoying it so much that I was falling asleep. I felt so relaxed! All the burden I felt before just suddenly melted in the hands of the masseuse. Now if you’re wondering if we were naked during the whole massage thing, we weren’t. We were given clothes to wear. And after session, we were given a free cup of tea.

To sum up the (somewhat) long blog, I definitely recommend Cambodia to be added to your list. It was extraordinary, and you will not regret it!



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