Hong Kong Feels Trip

Last April, I went to Hong Kong with my two brothers, their partners, and my younger sister for a short vacation. This was listed second on the countries that I’ve flown off to…the first was Thailand.

Y’all ought to know that I had work the day before we were scheduled to fly so I barely slept. And what was irritating was because it wasn’t due to the fact that I was excited but because I packing. (I loathe myself for being a procrastinator, really.) Our flight was scheduled at around 8…9 a.m. (Note: I’ve forgotten since this happened a few months back). The problem was that I don’t live near the airport and traveling to get there meant that we had to leave at dawn. Another problem was that despite leaving early, there is bound to be traffic (’cause Philippines…nuff said). Third problem was that we need to be at the airport by 7 am so that our luggage could be checked in. In all fairness, we managed to be there just in the nick of time.

While on the plane, I had spent about half an hour trying to connect with the wi-fi but to no avail. Next thing would be trying to sit comfortably for the next few hours. Another thing would be trying to fall asleep. Lastly, the plane food took too long to be served.

I know that you’re thinking that this post is full of complaints. Well, I won’t deny it. But if you stick around til the end, I hope you find something interesting. So let’s skip to the part where we’ve finally arrived at the foreign country.

The airport was nice. Clean. Bright. Foreign, indeed. This was the second time that I was able to fly to another country and I still think that they’re all better than what we have here in the Philippines. Anyway, the place was good. Other than having a language barrier, the eyes were very much pleased with what it was seeing.

It was the first time that I was able to ride on a two-story bus where the payment will be via a load card. I was already getting hyped inside as we traveled to go to the main city, to leave our baggage at the place our parents had booked for us. It was the first time that I went to an underground tunnel as well. You see, I’m not an urban/city person and from where I live, we don’t even have tunnels (unless I go up north to where the skyscrapers are built).

I experienced a bit of a culture shock that I forgot to take out my camera and take a shot of the place where we got down to after the bus ride. Another reason for not taking out my phone was that too many people were walking by. But it was good. The feeling was unmistakably rooting from excitement.

As soon as we dropped our luggage off, we went to the train station…another first for me. Using the same load card, we traveled to Ngong Ping where the Giant Buddah is. To get to where the statue is built, we had to ride a cable car. I forgot how long the ride was but it took us reaaaally high up. It was such an exhilarating and amazing experience! Why? Imagine that you’re riding a cube made up of crystal clear transparent glass…which is literally what the cable car was made of! The view below was so breathtaking – both because of the beauty of nature, and the nerve-wracking height we were at!

Below, you will see a photo of the Giant Buddha that Ngong Ping is known for:


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After that, we went to look for souvenirs and a place to eat. By then, we were getting a bit more familiar with how to get to a certain place via train. It was unexpectedly easy to remember.

When in Hong Kong, it’s like an unspoken rule wherein one must not let your vacation pass without going to Disneyland. It’s mandatory (says me)!

Worth the pagod! #Disneyland

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Other than having expensive items and food inside the theme park, I remember riding the extreme rides! I forgot the name of those rides (maybe because other than my worries, my mind got blown off somewhere due to the speed/height of the ride), but I remember wanting to repeat them over and over. It was refreshing! If only there were less people getting in line. LOL!

Howdy, Partner! #Disneyland #ToyStory #Woody

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Anyway, the highlight of our trip to Disneyland (for me) would probably be the time we went to see the live musical of Lion King. I remember how much I shuddered because of the great talent. I left with goosebumps after the show! The singers were truly talented, and the set design was over-the-top for me. I remember listening to the whole soundtrack of Lion King for a week after that performance!

The rest of our vacation (I think we spent 4-5 days there, I forgot), we took a stroll around the city to shop. We were in for a great deal because all of the malls were on a big sale! The malls were so big that if we got separated, we would just give up and go back to our room to meet up (yes, I am exaggerating). But other than those malls, going around thrift shops was also one of the greatest experience we had during our trip! I won’t elaborate further, but damn…they were soooooo awesome!

"We exist to crack your nuts." #nutcrackers #woodensouvenir

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To summarize my long post, if I had the time (and money, of course), I will not hesitate to go back and book a flight for a short vacation.


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