Candlelight for Two

So yesterday, I decided to invite my friend out (by impulse) after work. We have been dreading for the day that we could check this cafe sitting quietly inside Big Ben (it’s sort of a mini mall, if you ask me).

The place is called “Candlelight Cafe”. She mentioned that the first time she went there was with her cousin and her (cousin’s) then suitor. According to her, the place was inspired by Italian culture. But when I got there, it was a bit different. Although the menu was indeed composed of Italian names (I just assumed), it was a bit more on the indie side…and I like it.

✅ #CandlelightCafe

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It was quiet, and cozy. I mean, when we arrived yesterday there as literally four people inside – me, my friend, and the two people managing the place. Very intimate, indeed.A perfect set-up for a date, just that…I wasn’t there for such a thing in mind, LOL. I went there because I was curious.

The food was good as well. I mean, you can really taste every bite. You can tell that the food was freshly cooked. The drinks were tasty as well. I told my friend, “Dude, makakabalik tayo dito. (Dude, it’s certain that we will come here again.)” 

So, if you ever happen to be in Lipa, don’t forget to drop by and have a little taste of peace, quiet, and intimacy.


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