Uke Sessions

A little while back, I traveled during the weekends by impulse. I had my brother and his girlfriend fetch me and asked them to take me somewhere I’ve never been to before. I was not disappointed.

One of the places that they took me to was a little cafe called “Uke Box Caffe”. It was somewhere in Quezon City.

The place was cozy, with a touch of indie or something. Quite nice, actually, since the place was made of wood. I don’t know about you guys but a place with wooden interior calms me. It’s like the place gave of a vintage feel to it. Anyway, moving on. The walls were filled with ukuleles of different types. I was tempted to buy one (only I didn’t have that much money on me…payday was too far away then). What got me was the double-deck type customer “table”. I say table but really, it’s not. Those double decks actually gave the customers a more private feel to their chill time so it was really awesome, a kinda home-y feeling as well.

Travel and chill

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Other than enjoying the great blends (hot and/or cold drinks), and the tasty snacks, there’s an open mic session. The singer also had a good voice and the song choices were good. It added up to the overall impact for me, given that it was my first time there. I couldn’t get good pictures though but it was awesome. We stayed there for about three hours.


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