Coffee, Tea, or…

Okay, I’m not a fan of coffee or tea…but the coziness that coffee shops offer is something I cannot just turn my back on.

In Batangas, all these new cafe just started sprouting up from nothing. And it’s sort of a big madness for us friends like, when we decide where we want to go to chill over a weekend. You know? Which one do you pick because all of them sounds awesome but then not all of them have the thing that you like.

In Lipa, me and my friends have started listing down the cafe that we would like to visit someday. But so far, the place where we have gone to the most (other than Starbucks) was Cafe de Lipa.


It’s located near Robinsons Lipa and Anfa Royale Hotel. The renovation of the place has given a more cozy and at home feel to it. The lights also give the perfect feel for candid photos. (Get those freaking phone camera and shoot up some ‘stolen’ photos for some Facebook DP!) The drinks and the delicacies are also good. Not too sweet, not too bitter…just right. The perfect combo.



Well, that’s one down from the list, I guess.


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