SAITAMA: Hero of the Year

Saitama’…I’m sure this name rings a bell. I mean, who in the world of otaku, wouldn’t? If you don’t know him then let me introduce him to you.

Saitama is a self-proclaimed “hero for a hobby”. His story dates back 5 years prior to the story where he was a frustrated businessman applicant. He came across a crab monster who has been rampaging his way to find a huge-chinned kid who pulled a prank on his body. Saitama, having lost all his hope for life, was spared by the monster. On his way home, he came across the kid mentioned by the monster. Although claiming to not want to meddle on other people’s business, his heroic instincts were awakened when the crab monster threatened to kill. After taking a few deadly blow to his body, he managed to kill the villain after pulling the monster’s eye with his tie and exposing its guts. After that fateful incident, he had trained until all of his hair fell out causing him to be bald at 25. Funnily enough, his baldness is what makes him distinctive from other characters.

He had been fighting deadly monster here and there but his dilemma is that he grew too strong that all it takes to win a fight is one punch. This is what makes him different from all the other heroes (and prolly why he’s so likeable).

Unlike other heroes like Goku, or Naruto, or any other shounen protagonists, Saitama is more laid back and chill. He doesn’t brag about his power, instead, he curses it as his fights had become too easy for him that there’s just no thrill anymore. He’s the type of character who’d rather have people hate him than be the goody-two-shoes type of heroes who only do things to gain fame. Although he’d like to be recognized and have fans, he’s not the type to spread rumors or take out other heroes (even if he can easily do so). He is unique and honest and only people who are keen enough are able to recognize his true strength.

He’s a true hero, not only in the series, but also in the anime world.

Other people might say that this anime is overrated and full of non-sense, it is still an anime to watch out for. What makes it special is how it’s story line is directly taken from the manga (so far, no alteration to the plot of the series). Here is a GIF to show an awesome fight scene between Saitama and his disciple, Genos, taken from the pages of the manga:



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